Individual Ergonomics

According to multiple psychological theories, Individual differences are basically impacted by the aspects of work they experience. Not all are keeping same perspective on particular thing. One might be quite honest with the work with least complaints, on the other hand, one might not be interested working at all with many concerns on current world environment. Some are working as a front warriors while others are not even able managing their physical-mental health themselves. It’s high time when we need to nourish our Individual Ergonomics to help people to be optimistic and more productive.

How do we introduce Individual ergonomics in present scenario when everybody is enjoying working from home with their loved ones or in other words stuck with each other’s compulsory presence in every personal and professional autonomy?

As the situation going through…the most important thing is balancing the mind and the soul, respectively in form of professional work and Home management. In this humid time.. when world is fanding to recover.. We as an individual, has a great responsibility to make our loved one motivated and preserved with their special skills to cherish ourselves for future. It’s more important to give space to each other’s choices, views and aspirations to get the suffice outcome.

Undoubtedly, people work at their best in environments that suits their personalities yet we may not deny the fact that we need to move forward with the new theory of working our best within the province.

Individual ergonomics, now a days depends on the physical and mental well being of the person to adapt the situation better. It’s beyond the imperfections to make the humankind in better condition.

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