10 practical tips to reduce stress significantly!!!

Stress can be good as well as bad too!!! Acute stress can have many positive effects whereas Chronic stress is harmful. We should not ignore stress and let it affect us negatively. It is important to know the basic difference between acute stress and chronic stress. There are few symptoms which can tell us if we are into chronic stress. We should identify chronic stress on time and start solving and reducing it immediately. There are 10 practical rules to avoid stress and reduce tension. Few healthy food items are also there to help and make a difference in the condition.
First of all, let’s know the stress anatomy. Whenever we are into stress… our stress hormone CORTISOL is released in the body. And our fight or flight response starts working. If the cortisol level is high for a short period of time..it is ACUTE STRESS. But on another hand, if the cortisol level is constantly high, the condition is called CHRONIC STRESS. Chronic stress leads to many medical conditions like Diabetes, hypertension, weight-related issues, digestive problems etc.
There are 10 practical ways to stay away from stress:
1. Keep a positive attitude
2. Maintain a fixed bedtime routine
3. Don’t overthink on the condition you can’t control.
4. Learn to say NO
5. Don’t be aggressive! Instead, be assertive.
6. Practice Relaxation technique like meditation & yoga.
7. Exercise regularly
8. Make time for hobbies & interests.
9. Eat healthy and nutritious food.
10. Maintain good relationships. Learn to share your feelings.
Few food items help to reduce stress significantly.
1. Warm milk
2. Eggs
3. Red beans
4. Coconut water/ coconut oil
5. Banana
6. Pear
7. Green tea/ black tea/ ginger drink
8. Yoghurt/ kefir/ sauerkraut/Apple cider vinegar
9. Dark chocolates
10. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel/oyster.

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